About Us

We are a new breed of merchant bankers

A new breed of merchant banker has been born! We are open to the world, specialised in structured finance, multidisciplinary, and knowledgeable about economic migration.

Isatis is a holistic group of professionals specialized in corporate finance and economic migration.  We are dedicated to the engineering, the inception and the implementation of complex financial strategies.  Moreover, we combine our expertise in merchant banking and economic migration to serve high-growth, innovative and disruptive technology companies and other promising ventures.

Isatis brings together certified administrators, strategists, evaluators, corporate bankers, immigration experts, and lawyers. Isatis supports its clients towards the achievement of their financial objectives, mainly by advising them on the constitution of special purpose financial vehicles, including small public companies.  Working with local registered brokers/dealers, Isatis can provide easy access to the capital markets in Europe and The United States.  In addition, it provides the possibility of benefitting from the influx of capital created under government-regulated citizenship and residency-by-investment programs.